Taking A Walk with Very Mary : Part One

Very Mary loves her small town. It's not incredibly small, but, well, yeah, it's small. And it's cozy, and it's safe, and it's mostly friendly, and it's nearly always quiet after 10 p.m. on school nights. And Very Mary's neighborhood tends to be all of these things only moreso. It's a good fit.

Very Mary has recently taken on a new walking regimen. For her *gags* health. 6 times a week, 20 minutes minimum. It's a good thing she loves her neighborhood. First, Very Mary leaves the comfort of her studio up there, at the top of her stairs.

Then she often stops to admire the delicious foliage on the bush separating her from her darling, genteel neighbor, Betty.

Very Mary loves living in the kind of place where folks are comfortable leaving a jug of sweet tea out in the sun all day while those folks are at work. Around these parts? People just don't poison one another.

Isn't this woodsy staircase a temptation?

This garden is, hands-down, one of Very Mary's favorites. Its owner has hundreds of species growing, and there's always something new in bloom.

Same garden, different view. The owner used to have a fish pond, but there are raccoons aplenty in this neck of the woods. Enough said.

Very Mary has ALWAYS loved this house. She is trying to convince her Very Good Friend to move here and this house? Is for sale.

And the yard? Is magnificent.

There's something comforting about a split rail fence. But Very Mary also enjoys the smell of fresh manure, so maybe she's a little nuts.

Once upon a time, a clothesline was hooked into this tree.

And this is the alleyway at the Very End of Very Neighborhood. It beckons, does it not? Dead center at the end of this lane is one massive tree.

It's not actually dead center. It's off to the left slightly. And it grows bigger every year.

And every time she passes this tree, Very Mary sort of wants to hug it.

It's awe-inspiring, the way this magnificent beauty has stood there through all that man and nature can throw its way. Despite a few war wounds, it's no worse for the wear.

In Very Neighborhood, people love their gardens. A lot. Very Mary totally understands. Join her tomorrow for Part Two. She'll finish the walking tour then...


maggiegracecreates said...

This very good friend loves that house too.

Deirdre said...

So far, I love this town. :) And I take walks also.

Very Mary said...

And maybe you LOVE that house? Did you happen to click on the photos to enlarge? Le swoon, woman, le swoon. It's so fabulous!

Magpie said...


Roxanne said...

Love it! I so wish I could be walking with you! Although, at this point I would probably slow you down with me waddle. :)

Very Mary said...

I love it when my friends waddle.

Darla said...

Looks like a perfect neighborhood. I need to get out walking more myself. Damp weather is my excuse and we are having a Very Damp spring.


Yarni Gras! said...

what a great walk to take, surrounded by all that loveliness!
I want that house :-)

shrink on the couch said...

Those green lawns are so lucious. Begging for a barefoot stroll.