Making Dreams Happen

Talented singer/songwriter Meagan Hillyer is making her tour debut this winter with two up & coming bands - Toy Cars and Window Box - and she needs your help to make it happen!

Meagan needs to raise $1500 by the 27th of December to accommodate her time off work, pay for expenses, and eat! Please help this awesome woman make her dreams come true? Ever dollar donated goes to help her launch her musical career. Since most of us spend more than $1 on a cup of coffee that we don't even enjoy, how about donating that $1 to make this rising star even more successful? 

Watch her videos on YouTube and click below to donate!


If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

a bit obsessed with trees and houses these days...


Little Pink Houses

Oh, but ain't that America
for you and me
Ain't that America
something to see, baby
Ain't that America
home of the free, yeah...
little pink houses
for you and me
ooooh, yeah
for you and me
-John Cougar Mellencamp


Wordy Wednesday

Feel free to define one or more of the following:

  • hobogus
  • dryheaval
  • mysogenie
  • contaminature
  • glutton-free


Paper Anatomy

3-D collage: apothecary meets bodily innards